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Song :- Galtiyaan
Singer: Zack Knight
Lyrics: S Mukhtiar, Zack Knight, Amar Sandhu
Video: RR Productions
Music Label: Quantize Music

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Galtiyan Lyrics-Zack Knight

You Know I Need Your Loving Everyday,
There Is Never Been A Minute That,
I Donot Think About You,
Because Every Thing About You Girl Is Major..

Tu Nakhre Na Kar Yuin Tu Chhda Ke Na Ja,
Tu Harr Vele Kahndi Tu Down Down For Me,
Ni Mere Jehaa Warga Labhke Dikha Ja,
Baby Tuu…

Ke Anivve Tainu Mileya Muddke Tu Aaja,
Tu Harr vele Kahndi Se Down Down For Me,
Ni Mere Jehaa Warga Labhke Dakaja,
Baby Tu..

Ni Kudiye Bhul Na Ja,
Shasde Pyar Diyan Mulakataan,
Ni Kudiye Bhul Jawaan,
Teiyaan galtiya Nuu…

Tere Naal Kiteya Jo,
Jaanke Ni Hoya,
Tennu Main Samjhwan,
Meriya Galtiya Nu Tu Bhul Ja…

We Are Running Out Of Love,
I Need And Life Line,
BeCause All These Other Women,
They Ainot Nothing Around You,
You Never Said You Would But For The Last Time..

Tu Nakhre Na Kar Yuin Chhad Ke Tu Na Jaa,
Tu Harr Vele Kahndi Tu Down Down For Me,
Ni Mere Jehaa Warga Labhke Dikha Ja,
Baby Tuu…

Ke Ainve Tennu Mileya Murke Tu Aaaja,
Tu Har Vele Kahndi Si Down For Me,
Ni Mere Jaya Varga Labhke Dikha Jaa,
Baby Tuuu…

Ni Kudiye Bhul Naa Jaa,
Sadde Pyar Diyaan Mulakataan,
Ni Kudiye Bhul Javaan,
Teriyaan Galtiyaan Nu…

Tere Naal Kiiteya Jo,
Jaake Ni Hoiya,
Tennu Main Samjhawan,
Meriyaa Galtiya Nu Bhul Ja…

Galtiyaa Nu Bhul Jaa….

Before We In Battle..
Before Its Outaa Control,
And You Start War,
But Can We Try Again…??

Cause I Know I have Seen Foolish,
With All These Girls On My Phone,
But You TookMy Heart,
And You Threw It Away….

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