Process To Claim Bike Insurance

  • May 3, 2020

Process To Claim Bike Insurance: In some article on our website we had provided you some of the facts that to all the road crashes and deaths in India, Two Wheeler and Bikers are the ones who gets the most affected, in all the cased on Road 25% are the bikers, by looking at these stats we guided you to take the bikes Insurance for sure while purchasing the bike and if you are reading this blog, we are sure that you have the bike insurance and you are having issues in claiming it, so Here goes the guide that How To Claim the Bike Insurance.

The methods that we are going to tell you are some basic methods to claim the insurance, to get more about the specific Insurance company and the process we advise you to visit the Official website and Toll-Free number. So here are some basic steps and procedures that you can through while claiming your bike insurance from your insurance company.

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Before we jump directly to the process, there is a small request for you, If you are currently at the accident site and watching and reading this blog, we advise you to contact the police first and then call the ambulance. Put yourself to the side of the road and switch on the emergency light from the Bike of any two-wheeler if Possible.

Make Sure you are completely safe, If Yes, the Go-To You Insurance Company provider website and simply search by name on the google and that would appear, you can also use the telephone service of your company to contact them, after that register you claim through the website of the Phone.

Keep the registration receipt safely or you can simply right is anywhere else as it can be used for further reference while claiming the Insurance, while this a week-long process you have to tell the registration number each time while asking anything or submitting any document.

  1. Take your bikes to the nearest garage, the surveyor would come And survey Your Vehicle.
  2. Submit all the document likes Driving license, Policy Papers, ID cards, Driver ID Cards, etc and tell everything about the accident to the Surveyor including Police Case No.
  3. All Done
  4. You would be contacted by Your Issuer within a week or 2

How was the article for more detailed information about any specific issuer please check out their official website and also call them on their toll-free number?