Process To Claim Car Insurance

  • May 3, 2020

Process To Claim Car Insurance: Car Insurances are mandatory for every car owner in India, as per the government of India Motor Act, buying and insuring the car is essay the difficulties come when you go to claim your Car Insurance if your car gets crashed and get damaged, we already told you about the Best Car Loans providers in India, here we are going to give you full details ad guide about, how to claim your Car Insurance from your insurance provider.

While buying the car insurance the insurance companies offers two types of Car Insurances, one is Car Insurance Cashless Claims and another is Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims, both are the different things, first You need to decide which types of Car Insurance you are trying to Claim, still confused, we are making the things essay for you.

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Car Insurance Cashless Claims

First coming to the Car Insurance Cashless Claims in this types of Insurance and claim, whenever accidents happen car owner has to take the car into the car garages of the insurance provider, all the spent and payment are made by the Car Insurance Providers on the behalf of the Insurance policyholder only if the accident full the terms and condition of the Insurance Company Providers. So the summary is, the owner has to take the car to the official garages of the Insurance provider, and it’s all done, the Insurance company would pay all the repair cost.

Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims

Now coming to the Second one i.e Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims, in this type of plan car owner can go to any garages all over the country with his/her choice and get his car repaired under the terms and condition of loan and Insurance provider, all the spent that was done by car owners in local garages would be paid by the Insurance Company by showing the original bill of payment and spent.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Car Insurance Policies Vary from company to company and few points are common for all the car insurance complained, while claiming the Insurance, the owner has to make sure the Driver was not running in Vehicle in Influence of Alcohol and must have the proper valid driving license. The other police can be checked on the official websites of the Insurance Providers.

To Start The Claim Process for the car insurance one needed simple steps to follow,
  1. Notify and Register the Claim on Official Website of Insurance Company
  2. You can also use their telephone support system to Claim.
  3. You woulda registration number, save it for the future.
  4. Take the damaged vehicle to Official Garage or any local garage depending upon your policy type.
  5. There would be a surveyor, submit all the papers to him.
  6. All Done
  7. Wait For The Reply From Insurance Company.